The Unknown
The Unknown

Meet The band

Ross Fagan - Singer from Gravesend, Full time Job, Carer for Adults with Learning Difficulties. Ross Previously sang in Karaoke Pubs, until we dragged him to the dark side. Ross also writes songs for the band.

Reece Taylor - Guitarist and Vocals. From Gravesend, and working in the Building Industry, although he would love to hang his trqowel up to play Guitar everyday,  Reece has been around the local music scene from a young age, has played in may local bands. Reece is a prolific songwriter. and has written many songs for the band, always has something new on the backboiler ready to show us. Plays an Ephiphone Guitar through a Marshall Amp.

Richard Hills - Bass Guitar. Richard is from Greenhithe, works for a local building firm. Richard has penned some songs for the band. Met met Richard a Jam Night in Gravesend, where he brought his son Rueben (who occasionally joins us on Guitar) press ganged into the band, Plays a lovely original 1970s Rickenbacker Bass Guitar, through an Orange Bass Amp/Cab


Rob Hassan - Drums and Vocals . Rob works in the Shipping Industry as a customs broker. Took up drums very late in life at 48! Something I always wanted to do, he says. I started going to jam nights with Reece, got into playing, and  finally got in this great band which I love. There's nothing better than coming up with w new song, even better playing and recording it

Steve Trickey - Keyboards. Lives in Iwade Kent, Works as a manager for a large building supplies company. Steve is the latest addition to the band, joining around 2 years ago, Steve's brought another dimension to our sound, he writes too!


The best way to contact us is by calling 07850885590
or by using the contact form.


The Unknown are 5 Indie Pop Band, formed in 2014 as a 4 piece we have now added a keyboard player to our line up

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